Since we are practically located on the Portugese Caminho de Santiago we also offer our services to the pilgrims. Ti’ Ladeira is located in between Tomar and Alvaiazere at about the 26th kilometer of this 32km stage.

So, perfect to spend the night since the next stage is a lot shorter. Although our house is 200 years old, we offer nice modern rooms with a good bed, clean bathrooms and a nice environment with other travellers in a natural and typical portuguese setting.

An extensive breakfast is included in the price for the night. Dinner can be provided for those who want, we all eat at the big table together with our fellow travelers.


As you can see on the map below, reaching us isn’t a hassle in any way. A small diversion is necessary to reach us, and the next day one can join the caminho easily at the end of our road without extra kilometers for the sore feet. 😉


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