Ti’ Ladeira


Ti ‘Ladeira is a small-scale tourism stay in a purely typical Portuguese setting. Located on the ‘Caminho de Santiago de Compostella’ with delightful little paved roads with olive trees and old fairytale oak forests. Ideal for a small evening walk or long hikes. We can provide you with all the tips.

Would you like to seclude yourself in the garden and relax? Or would you like to share a glass with the other guests? Travel and vacation are concepts that have a different meaning for each individual. We like to create an atmosphere where all guests feel good.


Feel free to look further on the website to all possible ways of staying that we have to offer. Bed and breakfast, romantic stay in a comfortable bell tent, nice camping with your own or rented tent, it is all possible.

In our area you can eat out, but you prefer to stay on our yard then you can slide your feet under our table and enjoy a delicious homemade meal.


Our environment has a lot to offer. We are located between Coimbra and Tomar. Both certainly worth a visit. Ancient Roman sites, relics of the Templars, walks in nature. We also have a lot for the sports enthusiast. You can also just quietly drink a coffee ‘Bica’ in our village (five minutes drive) and enjoy a typical Portuguese life from a terrace.

A refreshing dive? You have a choice between river beaches or a quiet spot on the lake. All this at a 15 minute drive. Driving here is a pleasure, no crowds and a beautiful view. We provide a plunge pool that is large enough to perform a few strokes. Ideal for children or overheated parents. The sea is one hour from our house, ideal for a day trip. More information about the environment can be found on the website.

So you see, something for everyone. Do you have an idea or a question? We are flexible and eager to learn. So just ask them and who knows we can help you. Because a tailor-made holiday, that’s what we are aiming for.



What to do?

Write down your wishes and desires (that may be about the things of life, but certainly also about your holiday) and send to: info@TiLadeira.com

Because we are still working on it, there are not to many photos available yet of all the possibilities that Ti ‘Ladeira has to offer. It is nice to know in advance where you are going, but it is all the more fun to be surprised.

Hopefully we will see you soon in olive-country.


Juulke, Daan and Leentje


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