Take your chilli-skills to the next level

Take your chilli-skills to the next level

Love chili’s and spices? Then come and take a masterclass with our friends from the Chilli experience!


Come and join us for a Chilli Masterclass on the Chilli Farm in beautiful Central Portugal.

Running throughout the cropping season (July to October), our half day masterclasses offer a great opportunity to pick and try a wide variety of different chilli peppers ranging from the mild to the wild!

You will then have the opportunity to make your very own chilli hot sauce using the freshly picked chillies and ingredients of your choice making the finished product unique to you!

After a short interlude and a chilli infused beverage, we return to the workshop where you will then make either a chilli jam, chilli pickle or chilli oil – the decision is yours!

All masterclasses are directed by the award winning Chilli Master, Alan Stenhouse who will work with you throughout the workshop to ensure that the products made are full of flavour as well as heat from the freshly picked chillies

Workshops are ideal for small groups of 2 or 3 people.

All products made during the workshop can be taken away and enjoyed with friends or family for weeks to come and they will no doubt be in awe of your new found Chilli Mastery!

Time to spice it up and book yours!


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